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Top PickSmuggler

Smuggler is one of the most popular roads in the summer months, with easy access to several backcountry trails. Beautiful views of Ajax Mountain.  Tread is doubletrack.

Little Annie Road

A great ride to the Aspen Mountain sun deck, and the most convenient and least strenuous way to reach the Richmond Ridge or the top of Aspen Mountain. Enjoy spectacular views up Castle Valley and the surrounding high peaks. Tread is doubletrack.


Rio Grande Trail

It’s the most accessible trail in the area….and it’s paved.  Bicyclists can finally pedal the Rio Grande Trail all the way from Aspen to Glenwood Springs, and it’s just as much a favorite for those looking to take a brisk walk.  Beware…it’s a lot harder riding towards Aspen, but the ride back down valley will seem like a breeze!



Do this ride! One of the best rides in the Aspen area, with lots of variety, several technical sections, loads of uphill climbing, and amazing singletrack through a spectacular aspen forest.  Tread: 6.8 miles on singletrack; 7 miles on doubletrack; 2 miles on paved roads.


Hunter Creek

A great ride with a lot of variety and access to miles of biking trails. There is a great singletrack section and a fun, fast downhill back to town. Tread: 2.6 miles on singletrack; 3.0 miles on doubletrack; 2 miles on paved roads.


Rim Trail

One of the best singletrack rides in the Aspen area; fairly smooth tread with tight, twisting singletrack along a high ridgeline. Spectacular views up and down the Roaring Fork Valley. Tread: 3.7 miles on singletrack, 1.5 miles on paved road, and 1.2 miles on gravel roads.


Taylor Pass (to Crested Butte)

A great alpine bike tour that takes you up, over, and through some of Colorado’s most spectacular alpine scenery. Spectacular views out to the Collegiate Peaks Range, alpine flowers in the summer months, and spectacular colors from the changing aspen in early fall. Tread: Rough four-wheel road, singletrack, and double-track with a short section of paved road.


Basalt Mountain Lower Loop

A great intro to riding on and around Basalt Mountain. The singletrack riding is superb and ranks as some of the best in the Roaring Fork Valley. The hill climb up to the start of the singletrack is moderate with no technical difficulties. A favorite midvalley ride with superb singletrack and moderate hill climbs. Tread: 4.4 miles on dirt roads and 4.4 miles on singletrack.


Light Hill Road

A steep, lung-busting hill climb with incredible views to Snowmass Ski Area, Capitol Peak, and Mount Sopris, with a fun singletrack section near the end of the ride. Tread: 3.9 miles on paved roads, 2.6 miles on doubletrack, and 1.1 miles on singletrack.

Midnight Mine

Great uphill workout. Another way to reach Richmond Hill and the sun deck. Tread is rough doubletrack.


Pearl Pass

The original, big-daddy, high-alpine ride in the Aspen area, with spectacular views of the Sawatch Range to the north and the San Juan Mountains a hundred miles to the south. Tread: An extremely rough four-wheel-drive road.


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