Dec 072010

Top PickJack Nicholson

Although you don’t see him that much around town anymore, he’s still tops the list because, well, he’s Jack Nicholson.


Lance Armstrong

Of course Lance would live in Aspen…he’s the greatest bicyclist ever, right?  You’ll overhear all the locals tell their stories of biking with Lance which is really cool, if truthful.  He’s living strong in Aspen!


Goldie Hawn / Kurt Russell

Goldie and Kurt have been living here for decades, and we’re glad to count them as one of our favorite local couples.  They seem to always be smiling whenever you see them out in public — which is nice!


Hunter S. Thompson

Although deceased, the legendary King of Gonzo, Hunter S. Thompson, deserves a spot on our list.  Famous for “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” he was a frequent gatherer at Woody Creek Tavern along with other anti-establishment locals.  He even ran for sheriff in 1970 as part of the “Freak Power” ticket.  He’s missed.


Jimmy Buffett

You gotta love Jimmy Buffett! He fits in, no doubt, because of his “laid-back and loving-life” demeanor.


Gretchen Bleiler

The Olympic silver medalist in snowboaring, Gretchen is one of our favorites!  When she was 10 years old, she moved to Aspen with her family and that’s when “her whole life changed.”  Working with Aspen/Snowmass, she created the first-ever all girls halfpipe competition and “Snow Angels Invitational” photo shoot.  You go girl!


Kevin Costner

Another celebrity who fits in perfectly, Kevin Costner lives the wild, wild west up at his 160 acre ranch with his wife Christine and their 3 children.  His band, Modern West, may have been touring the world, but we like to think Belly Up’s been his favorite stop thus far!


Robert Wagner / Jill St. John

These cordial “movie stars” have been living in Aspen for a long, long time (Robert Wagner first visited the area in 1949).  Pick up “RJ’s” new book “Pieces of My Heart” at local bookstores.


Aspen’s Original Rich & Famous Tour

Take a look into how the movers and shakers of the world live and play in Aspen. You’ll hear fascinating stories and see the beautiful homes of Movie Stars, Princes, Celebrities, Sports Stars and Fortune 500 CEO’s.


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