Dec 072010

Top PickEric’s Bar

This is really four places in one: mexican food (SuCasa), billiards, dancing, and cigars.  The younger crowd rock this place into the wee hours.  Always an interesting crowd and a good vibe.


The Regal

PBR Tall Boys meet Pomegranate and Espresso Martinis in the underground layer of Escobar Aspen.Paul and Tim welcome you to their underground bar where dancers grind and cocktails flow.  Voted the best place to find a one-night stand.  That about sums it up.  ;)


Escobar Aspen

Only open for 2011 season and located underground on the mall, this place has a great vibe and draws a late night crowd (open tili 2 am).  It’s where PBR Tall Boys meet Pomegranate and Espresso Martinis. Escobar features an amalgamation of electronic, swing, and lounge music, with private functions and an ambience unmatched by any other venue in Aspen.


Hunter Bar

Where the old Flying Dog Brewpub used to be, the Hunter Bar is one of the few places these days that rocks til 2 am.   Listen to the DJ, get on the dance floor or just kick back in the relaxed, yet sensual, atmosphere enjoying one of their creative cocktails.  Good for apres ski too.


Aspen Brewing Company

If you like microbrews, go here.  If you like friendly locals, do the same.  This is a new spot in town that’s gaining some serious traction. Opening a tap room soon.  (And it’s not just for the youngin’s).


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