Dec 072010

Top PickHunter Creek

This is one of the prettiest hiking trails in Aspen — located behind the Hunter Creek Condos.  You pass over streams and rapids, all the while enjoying a breath-taking view of Ajax.  Not a hard trek for tourists; easy for locals.


Smuggler Mountain

If you want a quick, vigorous workout, hike up Smuggler!  It gets fairly busy during peak summer season in Aspen — but it’s still worth it.  Definitely a tourist and local favorite.


Cathedral Lake

Short and strenuous, this 2.8 mile hike up to Cathedral Lake will get your blood pumping.  It’s located outside of Ashcroft.


Hanging Lake (Glenwood Canyon)

Not in Aspen and actually, it’s quite a drive down valley, but Hanging Lake needs a mention here because it’s a hidden slice of Heaven.  When you reach the lake and see the waterfalls, you realize what the Rockies are all about.


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