Dec 052010

Top PickMatsuhisa (bar area)

The ambiance here is elegant chic and not too loud…you can hear each other talk.  Even if you’re not dining which would be a shame, it’s still the perfect place to have a martini and some great conversation.  Friendly bartenders too.


8K at The Viceroy (Snowmass)

This spot is a newcomer, we’re glad it’s here.  8k tops our picks for best ambiance.  Very chic crowd to complement the decor.  The food is fantastic, albeit pricey.  Super nice bartenders (look for Justin).  It’s a great place to enjoy cocktails and conversation with friends (or strangers).


Pacifica (bar area)

This is the place to go in town if you want the best seafood, not to mention the really fantastic cocktails and wine list.  It’s a beautiful bar with lots of great people watching.  A romantic spot as well.


Ute City (bar area)

If you want to see and be seen, and have some really good food and wine, this is your place.  Walt manages this almost new hot spot above Syzygy on restaurant row.  Everything on the menu is delicious — definitely a top pick with a great atmosphere.


Cigar Bar

It’s the only place in town to smoke a stogie; lots of cigars to choose from in their humidor.  It’s connected to Eric’s which is much more lively, but this spot can still be mellow.


Grape Bar (Hyatt Grand Aspen)

Quiet and mellow, this is a great romantic spot to cozy up next to the fire and have a glass of wine.  Friendly, local bartenders too!


J-Bar (Hotel Jerome)

The J-Bar (or the Library, if open) is a good place that’s not too wild and crazy to have a friendly conversation and a good cocktail.  If it gets too rowdy, you can always go chat it up in front of the fireplace in the lobby.


Shadow Mountain Lounge (St. Regis)

Very relaxing locale with a massive granite fireplace, oversized club chairs, rich lodge-style furniture and live jazz or piano—all overlooking magnificent Aspen Mountain.  Open til midnight.



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