Dec 062010

Top PickSun Dog Athletics 

Sun Dog Athletics rocks!  Erik Skarvan (owner and also Grassroots TV host of “The Local’s Show”) is such an outgoing and funny guy, you’re guaranteed to have a blast.  And he’ll personalize the athletic experience just for you, so you can do exactly what you want to do.


Aspen Alpine Guides

A professional guide service, Aspen Alpine will take your on all sorts of tours all year round.  Offering hiking, rock climbing, mountaineering, snow-shoeing, cross country tours, backcountry skiing, out of bounds lift assisted skiing, mountain biking, backpacking, hut trips on the 10th Mountain Hut System, and High Altitude Training for runners and Cyclists. They’ll customize a trip for you or your group.  


Aspen’s Original Rich & Famous Tour 

Take a look into how the movers and shakers of the world live and play in Aspen. You’ll hear fascinating stories and see the beautiful homes of Movie Stars, Princes, Celebrities, Sports Stars and Fortune 500 CEO’s.


Aspen Bike Tours & Rentals 

If you are looking for a nice, relaxing scenic bike tour for the whole family, the Castle Creek road tour is the way to go.  Their claim to fame is that they never run out of bikes.  And if you’re not in the mood to pedal around at altitude, rent a scooter!


Timberline Bike Tours 

Call Timberline when you want a hut-to-hut bike tour.  They have different overnight Hut packages for all levels of riders: the 3-day beginner “Ruedi Romp”, the intermediate “Frying Pan Frolic” and “Hagerman Hop” packages, or the advanced “Central Rockies Traverse.”  Meet ’em in front of Johnny McGuire’s Deli.


Glenwood Activities 

If you want a fun guided trip, call Glenwood Activities: jeeping, rafting, kayaking, biking, camping and fishing.  Good rates/group discounts.


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