The Best of Resort Towns. Simplified. (cont’d)


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Our top “PICKs” are locally chosen and constantly updated. They’re also completely subjective and always positive.

We only include “local” businesses we like on our Top Picks list. You won’t find the big-name chain stores here (ie. Gucci, Lowe’s or Chili’s). Our picks are not some randomly generated list compiled by people who aren’t in town or in the know. They aren’t paid listings that get you to the top either.

We talk to real locals in each resort town to see what their top choices are. And only then does it become one of our top PICKs.  So if you need help planning something fun and different to do, bookmark your town’s Top PICKs for things to do.

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Our top “PICs” are photos and videos that are current and fun and simply presented to get you in the resort-town mood.

We search high and low to find the best local photos that capture the moment and tell a story about what’s going on in your favorite resort town. On occasion, we’ll include photos of our top PICKs so you can see why we love the businesses, events, locals and locales we do.

If you’re planning a trip or already in town, experience “living the dream” via our top PICs, and be sure to check out our PIC of the day. After all, a PIC is worth a thousand words.

Oh…and who are we? We’re just a group of fun-loving locals who hope our opinion matters.

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